Friend to the Animals Billie Eilish Convinced Oscar de la Renta to Stop Selling Fur

The singer said it was an honor wearing a gown from the designer knowing about the new policy

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Friend to the Animals Billie Eilish Convinced Oscar de la Renta to Stop Selling Fur
Image:Angela Weiss (Getty Images)

Billie Eilish made quite a splash during her first appearance at the Met Gala wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown vast enough to cover a baseball field during a rain delay. It was a beautiful moment for Eilish and fans of old Hollywood glamor, but an even more beautiful moment for hundreds of furry little animals who will get to keep their skin thanks to the singer.

Eilish explained on her Instagram that part of her creative collaboration with the fashion house convincing the team to stop selling fur. “It was an honor to wear this dress knowing that going forward oscar de la renta [sic] will be completely fur-free,” she wrote. She thanked the brand’s creative directors for hearing her out on the matter and the brand’s chief executive, Alex Bolen, also seems to be on board with the shift. “I thought a lot about what Oscar said—he was a big fan of fur, by the way—that the one thing he really worried about in the fashion business was his eye getting old,” Bolen told CNN.

Could this mean that Eilish is the one who brought the dog to the Met Gala red carpet? Tell us about the dog!!

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