From Hairball to Heiress: Choupette Is Likely in Line to Inherit Fortune


In some ancient culture cats were considered as gods. Now, without so much as grasping the concepts of money or work, they can become pampered decadents and even millionaires in their own right.

After Karl Lagerfeld’s death Tuesday at the age of 85, Elle conducted some speculation as to who would inherit his $170 million fortune. It appears his Dr. Evil Heating Pad of a cat, Choupette, will at least get a piece of it. The designer told Numéro last year that Choupette “has her own little fortune, she’s an heiress.”

This feline sybarite has quite a lifestyle to maintain given that she reportedly employs two maids, has an iPad, eats at the dinner table, gets manicures, and makes money in the same sponsored bullshit ways celebrities do (lending her name to various products, showing up to photoshoots, pooping in designated areas). Like any rich and famous….entity….a rich and famous man named Karl fell in love with her.

Choupette is a Birman cat, hampered at every step by a heavy coat of fluff, but it’s the everyday human delusions projected onto her that really weigh her down. She has the appearance of a sugar-strewn cappuccino, she is Instagram famous, but when she licks herself too vigorously she still throws up a little, just like us.

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