Furious Brides Loot Shop That Cheated Them Out Of Wedding Gowns

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A group of angry brides descended upon a bridal shop in Limerick, Ireland when the proprietor didn’t make good on her promise to provide dresses for their wedding. To show her exactly what they thought of her business practices, they gutted her shop, grabbed any dress they could and ran. One bride, more enterprising than the rest, took three dresses. (One for each part of her wedding?)

According to The Limerick Leader, the brides created a complex plan to get dresses from Shirley Flanagan, who had charged them upwards of 800 euros in cash for deposits, only to disappoint each buyer, providing either the wrong dress or none at all.

This Monday lunchtime, Ms Flanagan sent a representative to the store to meet with one bride to receive a sample dress, rather than the specific one she had ordered.
A number of other brides, who were lying in wait, then stormed the store and claimed any dress that they could lay their hands on.
One bride managed to flee with three dresses, as she made her way to Henry Street station to file a complaint. But none of the dresses was the one she had ordered. As the brides attempted to grab any dress the man shouted at them to “f*** off” and locked the shop again.

Anyone attempting to give Flanagan the benefit of the doubt now has to shop for a dress elsewhere. When one bride grew suspicious about her lack of a wedding ensemble so close to her big day, she called up the actual dress designer to inquire about it and was told that Flanagan’s shop wasn’t even on the list of vendors authorized to sell the designer’s clothes.

A third bride, a 30 year-old from county Limerick, said: “I ordered my dress at the end of February. I saw some reports on Facebook last week, but when I contacted her she assured me that everything was fine, and that she was still taking orders. Her Facebook page is still being updated, and she’s looking for more orders. You would think butter wouldn’t melt if you met her.”

All the brides who took dresses had either been denied one or given a sample dress that didn’t fit (bad) or isn’t even the dress they ordered from Flanagan (much, much worse). While it’s uncertain whether the women will be forced to return the gown, it’s unlikely that Flanagan will seek legal damages. She’s been in court several times in the past for both deception (insurance fraud) and forgery.

The bridal shop’s Facebook page has been deleted.

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