Gang-Rape Victim's Horrific Facebook Ordeal


Just when we think we’ve already heard the worst, a 16-year-old Canadian girl is raped and drugged by a gang of boys and men, and the photos go viral on Facebook.

The first time the girl was victimized was at a party where, it is believed, she was given a “date rape drug” (unclear which) and raped by a half-dozen men and boys. Police in suburban Vancouver said the assault was “‘violent,’ leaving the girl with undisclosed injuries,” according to The Globe And Mail. Perpetrators were both minors and adults, and one 16-year-old boy was held briefly and may be charged with producing and distributing child pornography.

The next time was how she found out about her own rape: When the photos were posted and reposted on Facebook. “Every time it’s shut down on one Facebook [account], it seems to reappear and it’s been shared in several communities in the Lower Mainland, so the victim has to relive it on a daily basis,” one official told the paper.

The most recent crime against this girl is the victim-blaming in the interviews with other partygoers and Facebook comments. It’s not surprising, if still heinous and disappointing, that anonymous commenters would write things like “Straight up WHORE,” a “complete slut,” and “Cmon who’s not down for a gang bang” on Facebook.

But they also said so in person. Here is a party attendee identified as “Justin,” speaking to CTV:

“We are thinking it’s being over-exaggerated. I don’t think she was as messed up as she’s making it out to be,” he said. “I don’t think she was raped…. Apparently she was saying stuff.”

And one Martin Duckhorn:

“It just sounds like she’s more embarrassed about it so she’s trying to turn it to make it sound like she’s a victim of something, rather than to say that she did something and that she knows that it was incredibly idiotic,” he said.

Both of these charming gentleman can be seen making their case in the clip below:

Law enforcement officials have reiterated that this was absolutely a rape, and that anyone who distributes the photos is running afoul of child pornography laws. And while we’re glad that they seem to have the right attitude, the rest of it is utterly chilling, the worst distillation of fucked-up notions of consent and victim-blaming.

Callous Comments From Teens Who Attended B.C. Rave [CTV]
Photos Of Gang Rape Go Viral On Facebook [The Globe And Mail]

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