Garcelle Beauvais Says Erika Jayne Is 'a Lot More Open Than I Thought She'd Be' Amid Lawsuits

Garcelle Beauvais Says Erika Jayne Is 'a Lot More Open Than I Thought She'd Be' Amid Lawsuits
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Since news broke that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was embroiled in a legal battle alongside her soon-to-be ex-husband Tom Girardi, over whether or not the couple misappropriated settlement funds from the families of past clients, I’ve wondered: Is she going to talk about it on television?

Let’s hope co-star Garcelle Beauvais just gave us our answer.

Amid news that Girardi had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, been granted a trustee, and had their $16 million dollar Pasadena mansion re-appropriated by the court, Jayne has been noticeably silent—except for some spooky Instagram posts. Not so with Beauvais, however, who told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she was “blown away” by the scandal.

“When I sat with her at breakfast last year, she was gushing and glowing about [Tom] so I was really surprised,” she admitted. It’s true! For much of Jayne’s run on the hit franchise, she has done absolutely nothing but defend her husband and “gush” about their marriage, even in the moments when he was noticeably absent on camera.

She also tells host Cohen that “she was a lot more open than I thought she’d be” amid “a lot of changes this season.” Whatever that means!

On Instagram and in the press, meanwhile, Jayne’s cast members have circled the wagons. Dorit Kemsley has publicly bashed the speculation, begging people to “give her a break.” Kyle Richards has also posted pictures with her as of late, and international menace Lisa Rinna is a consistent presence in her Instagram comments, and even took a trip to Lake Tahoe with her and Richards.

So here I am, torn. Jayne owes the public nothing… more than what she promised to show them on a reality show about her life, in which her husband allegedly misappropriated funds from settlement recipients as she kickstarted a pop music career, all so she could be famous. But here Beauvais is, teasing that she is surprisingly more open this season, while the rest of the cast forms a small militia in her Instagram comments every time someone so much as dares to look at Jayne sideways.

The question remains: Just how open can she be?

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