Gaspar Noé's Dance Drama Climax Features the Trippiest Sangria Ever Made


Gaspar Noé, director, French provocateur, and noted Black Panther hater, is back to raise hell with his new movie Climax. And from the trailer, it looks like an invitation to the scariest dance party ever.

The film follows a hot, well-dressed dance troupe, who just LIVE for the art of dance, meeting in an empty school building to rehearse. But the dancers’ lives get turned upside down, literally, when the delicious looking sangria they’re sipping on after rehearsal gets spiked with LSD. Fires start, secrets spill out, and there’s a whole lot of screaming, so get ready for a Tilt-A-Whirl of a movie experience full of pain and partying.

Is it too much to ask Noé to drop the sangria recipe?

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