George Zimmerman Was Kicked Off Tinder, Will Hopefully Die Alone

George Zimmerman Was Kicked Off Tinder, Will Hopefully Die Alone

George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted for killing unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012, has been banned from Tinder after he was caught trying to swipe under a fake name.

The ban came after the website Creative Loafing got ahold of screen grabs of Zimmerman’s profile, which he created under the name “Carter” and billed himself as a “Consultant, Self-Employed.”

“I’m looking for carefree, fun!” he wrote. “Carefree,” but only insofar as, you know, there aren’t any other people around. He prefers solitary activities like hiking and camping, specifically in places where it’s just you and him and no witnesses. He’s really “not into huge crowds.” You know, the fewer people around, the less likely he’ll find himself involved in another shooting. You understand.

But Carter likes the finer things in life, too! When he’s not huddled in the abandoned wilderness, he also enjoys meals from the chain restaurant LongHorn Steakhouse—take-out only, of course. You’ll probably have to go pick it up, because again, crowds.

Tinder wouldn’t specifically confirm why it removed “Carter,” saying in a statement to CNN only that “We take the safety of our users very seriously and acted appropriately once the profile was discovered.”

Bumble also removed Zimmerman back in December 2018, writing in a statement:

“George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018 when we first discovered his profile and we have blocked and banned him again after we were informed by our users that he had created a new unverified profile,” a statement from the company read. “We have thousands of moderators working tirelessly with our users to make Bumble the safest and most empowering social networking platform and this is another example of those efforts.”

Though he was acquitted for Martin’s murder, Zimmerman has had plenty of other interactions with the law. Future partners may specifically want to keep in mind the many, many domestic violence incidents in which he’s been involved.

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