Get Ready to Play Paula Deen Apology Bingo!


After she totally stood up Matt Lauer this morning, just before noon today, Paula Deen (or one of her minions) tweeted that she would be releasing a video statement shortly. Almost immediately afterwards, writer/editor Brokey McPoverty started a hashtag: #PaulaDeenApologyBingo. Soon, Twitter was flooded with guesses about what Deen might say in her video, from the straightforward to the straight-up hilarious. There are scores of ideas; here are just a few:

Slavery was a terrible time in our history. #pauladeenapologybingo
— Breasteses Mahoney (@ShantaFabulous) June 21, 2013
‘i don’t see race!’ #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Brokey McPoverty (@brokeymcpoverty) June 21, 2013
‘i have lots of black friends/friends of all races’ #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Brokey McPoverty (@brokeymcpoverty) June 21, 2013
I’m Southern. #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— ʃɑ̃.paɲ (michael) (@emptychampagne) June 21, 2013
i’m not racist. my ottoman is a black person! #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— ¯(ツ)/¯ (@opinionedda) June 21, 2013
“From now on, I’ll use the term ‘Anglo-Saxon Impaired’.” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Eric Wolfson (@ericwolfson) June 21, 2013
it’s just an expression! #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Brokey McPoverty (@brokeymcpoverty) June 21, 2013
— Brokey McPoverty (@brokeymcpoverty) June 21, 2013
“I was excited for the new Hov album, so you actually heard me say JIGGA” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Desus (@desusnice) June 21, 2013
We buried mammy in the family cemetery #PaulaDeenApologybingo
— Valérie (@Vivaciously_Val) June 21, 2013
“I treat everybody the same.” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Tanya Stephens (@tanyasinwi) June 21, 2013
“I misspoke.” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— accalmie (@_accalmie) June 21, 2013
‘I got Beyonce on my iPod.’ #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Oro Monhoe (@Ms_Toni) June 21, 2013
I thought the black men looked sharp & elegant with their uniforms & reminded me of a time where everyone dressed up. #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— The Toast (@TheToast2013) June 21, 2013
But I have black friends! #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Anna S. (@wittykitty5) June 21, 2013
I messed up, and I’ll try to do butter #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Broderick Smylie (@savoryexposure) June 21, 2013
A mammy weaned me and told me i is smart, i is kind and i is important, yall #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— jujoffer (@jujoffer) June 21, 2013
‘My statements were taken out of context’ #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— SickNSweet (@Suga220) June 21, 2013
@brokeymcpoverty Oh I’ll play. “I’m sorry that I was misunderstood/you misunderstood me.” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Zandar (@ZandarVTS) June 21, 2013
I didn’t mean to offend anyone. #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— ʃɑ̃.paɲ (michael) (@emptychampagne) June 21, 2013
“I’m sorry you were offended.” #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Chamaree (@ChamareeM) June 21, 2013
Some of my best dishes come from black people #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Puppy Brother Jake (@CplxSimplicity) June 21, 2013
I do go to church y’all. As the Lord forgives, I hope y’all can forgive me too, y’all. #PaulaDeenApologyBingo
— Renisha J. (@RenishaRenewed) June 21, 2013

As we anxiously await Deen’s video explanation/apology (she has yet to post it!), we’re printing out this bingo card so we can get ready to play along.


UPDATE: The video statement is here.

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