Gigi Hadid's Dad Bullying an Old Lady So He Can Build a Bel Air Mansion


Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, commonly known as “that model Gigi’s dad,” is reportedly bullying an old lady into giving up a piece of her land so he can build a $45 million, 30,000 sq. ft spec castle in Bel Air.

This story of egocentric real estate development, beaucoup money and cataracts comes by way of the Daily Mail, which helpfully and repeatedly refers to Hadid’s adversary—89 year-old Carole Cramer—as the “stroke victim.”

Mohamed Hadid allegedly called one-time big band singer Carole Cramer a ‘bitch’ who didn’t need the strip of her yard because ‘she would die soon.’
‘He’s a terrible man,’ stroke victim Cramer told Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview in her home in the tony Bel Air area of Los Angeles.
‘He came into my garden and told my gardener I have so much land and that I don’t use and said I was a bitch,’ she added.
‘He told me, “Why do you need the land? You can’t use it, but I need it,” Cramer said as she caught some sun in the 2.6 acre garden of the $7 million home where she’s lived for half a century.

In addition to being a straight-to-DVD movie villain and the father of supermodels Bella and Gigi, Hadid is also the ex-husband of angel on Earth and Beverly Hills Real Housewife Yolanda Foster and is BFFs with fellow Bravo employee, Lisa Vanderpump.

As thinking humans, we don’t say this often, but I have to give props to the Daily Mail for the impeccable framing of this story. You really do have to hand it to them—they nailed the fragile old lady visual perfectly. Old girl’s got the wheelchair, the fleece blanket, adorable house shoes and glamorous oversized sunglasses that nest gently on her wise old nose.

Meanwhile, Hadid is shown with his beautiful daughters, because nothing says “2015 Scrooge McDuck” like a doting father.

Cramer is worried that all the construction taking place next to her miserly $7 million home will disturb her rest and relaxation.

In the teeth of her protests, he built a retaining wall on a strip of property that Cramer says is hers, right beneath the bedroom where she spends most of her time.
‘The noise has been terrible,’ Cramer told Daily Mail Online. And she fears it will only get worse if the property is ever inhabited. Despite the property having only six parking spaces, Hadid has built a 70-seat IMAX theater and the house has enough room for parties for hundreds of guests.

That is, indeed, an astute observation, but perhaps Cramers is ignoring the fact that the future inhabitant of the mansion may simply want to invite the neighborhood children over for their weekly screening of the Wolf of Wall Street. Bel Air children don’t need parking spots—their drivers can circle the block until they’re done!

Apparently this isn’t the first time Mohamed Hadid has tried to pull this shit on one of his neighbors.

Another neighbor, Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, also claims Hadid built a retaining wall on her property. She is suing for $90,000 saying the work ‘cut the roots to the family’s cherished eucalyptus tree causing it severe damage and putting it at risk of falling over.’

I mean, think I speak for everyone when I say: My deepest condolences for that poor family’s cherished eucalyptus tree.

There’s not much else to say here other than I hope that Cramers is able to sleep well and keep her sliver of land and, as always, rich people be wildn’.

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