Giorgio Armani: "Woman As Tiger, Grr, Grr!"


According to the Telegraph, Giorgio Armani was backstage at his Milan fashion show today describing his collection as “Woman as tiger, grr, grrr.” With bright orange and black velvet, he made this image come to life. Let’s take a look:

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way: the hair-hat things in this show were a bit of a mess. I don’t know what they were supposed to be or why they were there, but they’re hilarious and kind of dumb and kind of awesome all at once. It’s like Pete Wentz meets the Muppets or some such.

Red is huge in this collection, popping up in shoes, bags, and full suits.

But black velvet is really the collection’s centerpiece. After seeing the fabric pop up at Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, and now Armani, it’s safe to say that velvet is going to be big in Fall 2K10.

There are a few midriff-baring tops in this collection is well, which seems to be another big theme in many fall collections.

I love green velvet, but I think it’s because it reminds me of the fancy Christmas dresses I wore when I was a kid. I guess that’s also why I always expect green velvet to smell of pine and cinnamon.

I suppose the fur fits into the overall tiger theme…

And these orange and black ensembles definitely fit the description.

There’s also a lot of statement jewelry in this collection, which I love. Honestly, I like the accessories in this collection more than the clothes, really.

Another statement necklace for your inner tiger.

These are a little too close to velour tracksuits for my taste, I have to say.

How awesome is this? The bracelet is my favorite piece in the whole collection. Rowr!

Cher Horowitz strikes again!

I’m a bit tired of the 80s revival, though I appreciate this modern take.

I can see Rihanna wearing one of these on the red carpet, can’t you?

If you need a little black dress, Armani has you covered.

I LOVE this. It’s very 40s with an 00s twist.

Shoulder pads were large and in charge…

and asymmetrical cuts popped up quite often.

I love this black coat…

But I’ve been singing “Beat It” ever since I saw this red one.

This matchy-matchy red number is kind of badass, but also reminds me of a Business Barbie, like it should come complete with a giant matching red comb.

There were also some florals in this collection…

including these adorable pink dresses.

And while the tiger theme dominated…

I still think the statement jewelry offered the best looks of the collection.

Though I loved the green velvet, as well.

But if there’s anything that’s going to turn a woman into a tiger (or at least this woman, anyway)…

It’s Clive Owen, sitting in the front row. Helloooo, Gorgeous! Grr, grr, indeed!

[All Images Via Getty.]

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