Girl Fights Library’s Boys-Only Robotics Program


A little girl from the town Timmins, Ontario with the cool name of Cash Cayen was stoked to see a summer robotics program being offered at her local library. The library’s assistant director refused her registration, saying that only boys were allowed to participate. The reason being that “boys’ academic and literacy skills don’t improve over the summer break therefore this program would only be offered to boys.” Does that make sense to anyone?

Cash, who has spent time at the library since she was a baby, wasn’t about to go down like that. According to Buzzfeed, she and her mother started a petition via, asking the library to let her and other girls participate in the session. The petition currently has over 31,000 signatures. Through her efforts, Cash was invited to meet with her town’s mayor and gained support from people like voice actress Andrea Libman and female robotics engineers.

After Cash fought for her right to learn about robots, the library issued an apology for the “misunderstanding” and announced that any children between the ages of 9 through 12 could now register for the robotics program.

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