Girl Freaks Out After Guy Proposes in Photo Booth

In Depth

Is that a look of horror or the beginning of a joyous smile? It’s always hard to tell how these things will go.

Okay, it’s the beginning of a joyous smile, and I have to say that this is probably one of the cuter proposals we’ve featured here on Jezebel. No big crowds, no viral videos, no formal photographers, no iPhones in the shape of a heart, no fake job interviews. Just a boy sitting next to a girl sitting in front of a camera (sorry, I forgot how that line in Notting Hill goes, but it is very romantic) and only a strip of photos as evidence. As far as capturing proposal photos go, this is delightfully intimate. Bravo.

And the reaction is pretty priceless, right? You go into a photo booth thinking it’s just going to be another low-res shot of you smiling awkwardly and you come out engaged and with a record of your own face as it happened. That’s pretty priceless.

The couple, Kelly Moran and Molly McGinnis, who have been together for seven years are now happily engaged and had better never get divorced because the internet is rooting for them. And by the internet, I mean me.

Also: I just want you to know if you plan on doing this because it might be cute for you, too, there is a little-known fact about photo booths that you should consider. Many of the ones that have screens on the outside beckoning you to come in and get a couple of shots to put on your Instagram later; these screens sometimes show onlookers what’s going on inside the booth once someone has inserted money (probably to entice others to take a photo because it is so fun!). I know this because at the beginning of my own seven-year-long relationship, my partner and I took some of these photos and got very uncomfortable when we heard some teenagers laughing outside. Turns out they were snickering at us kissing and there is a photo of my partner reaching out from the curtain and trying to shoo them away as if they were a gaggle of unruly geese. So if things go wrong, there is the possibility that teenagers will laugh at you. Just saying.

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