Give Lucy Dacus a Humanitarian Award for Getting Matty Healy to Delete His Twitter

"You don't hear from me at all," the boygenius musician told Healy after he tried out a slur-based joke.

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Give Lucy Dacus a Humanitarian Award for Getting Matty Healy to Delete His Twitter
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Remember Matty Healy? That gnat of a dude buzzing around Taylor Swift earlier this year, frontman of the 1975, slinger of slurs, the man banned from the country of Malaysia? Tempting to forget about him, I understand.

Don’t let your jaw hit the floor when I tell you that he’s still causing minor controversies wherever he goes. Yesterday, apparently unprompted, he tweeted on one of his burner accounts about boygenius guitarist and vocalist Lucy Dacus:

I told Lucy Dacus that ‘Boygenius’ had inspired me and George to start a new band called ‘Girlretard.’ I don’t really hear from her that often.

A couple of hours later, hopefully after Dacus had a lovely day doing whatever she wanted to do, she calmly responded, “You don’t hear from me at all.”

What a great response. Very Don Draper “I don’t think about you at all.” What on earth else are you supposed to say to a 34-year-old man who looks like he maybe showers twice a month and still thinks its edgy and cool to say the R-word?

But Dacus’ good work didn’t end there. A couple of hours after she replied, Healy tweeted, “Yeah this never goes well does it” and then deactivated his account. What’s that? Peace on earth—or at least peace on Twitter? (Or X, or whatever it is now.) Well, neither of those things are possible, but it certainly felt like a small win.

Dacus has a history of issuing short-but-searing responses on Twitter. In July, when Barack Obama released his summer playlist, which included boygenius’ “Not Strong Enough,” Dacus wrote “war criminal :(.”

Meanwhile, Healy’s infinitely more famous ex-fling Taylor Swift has been busy since dropping him in June. Notably for us gossip fiends, on Thursday night, she went out to dinner in Manhattan with Sophie Turner againthe second time this week. Turner filed a lawsuit on Thursday against ex (both her’s and Swift’s) Joe Jonas, asking to send their two children back to England, where she plans to live. All three Haim sisters were at this second dinner. Mmm, you know what, it is perfect weather for a crisp glass of Sauvignon blanc and a side of shit talking. Cheers to them.

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