GLOW Has Been Renewed for a Third Season


When we last left GLOW, the ladies were (I guess this is a spoiler) boarding a Vegas-bound bus under a pink LA sky, staring into the seat rests ahead of them and contemplating their futures. Will Debbie’s baby forget who she is? Will Rhonda and Bash annul their hasty and surprising marriage? Will my troubling crush on Sam continue forever? Looks like we’re gonna find out, because Netflix has renewed the series for a third season.

The show will continue with another ten episodes, which makes sense considering its first season was nominated for a whole fistful of Emmy’s and no one, critics or viewers, seems to be able to get enough of the ragtag group of women bonding while throwing each other around the ring. As co-creator Carly Mensch told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I hope we have the number of seasons we dream of having because I think that we can then equally explore all of the women,” Flahive added to THR of the creators’ long-term plan. “With season one, we had the structure of what we needed to accomplish. And I think that is the great freedom of season two and of future seasons; that we can move around more now that you know and love the characters and understand the story of the show and wrestling. We have these 15 amazing women and ideally by the end of the show you will know them all in a deeper way.”

With a whole spate of new and changing relationships to explore, it feels like GLOW has the mileage to stay interesting for quite some time. And then, if and when it does eventually fizzle, I hope there is an Arthie and Yolanda spinoff series, which I could happily watch until I turn to dust.

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