GMA Lets Viewers Judge Whether Aussie Beauty Queen Is "Too" Thin

On this morning’s GMA, eliminated Australian Miss Universe contestant Stephanie Naumoska denied accusations that she is too thin. Then Diane Sawyer held up a plate in order to judge Naumoska’s idea of a moderate portion.

In the clip at left, Naumoska says she flew all the way from Australia to appear on GMA because she wants to defend all the slender people who are victimized by what Sawyer calls “skinnyism.” Naumoska explains, “I think that a role model shouldn’t be judged by their appearance but rather by their actions or their lifestyle.” Obviously, it’s hypocritical for someone who was being ranked based on how she looks in a swimsuit to complain that people shouldn’t be judged by their appearance. However, whether Naumoska is healthy or not, Sawyer holding a plate up to the camera so America could analyze exactly what she puts in her mouth made our skin crawl.

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