GOP Candidate Mocks Opposing Staffer With Picture of Fat Woman

A Republican Congressional candidate in California is in hot water after an email surfaced wherein he appears to mock his opponent’s deputy campaign manager with a picture of a fat woman eating a Twinkie.

Carl DeMaio is running for Congress in California’s 52nd District against Democrat Scott Peters. According to an email obtained by San Diego City Beat, a lot of things about Peters irk DeMaio, but he’s especially not a big fan of one of Peters’s staffers in particular.

The email’s subject line is “Kate Lyon” and includes a photo of an overweight woman wearing a bra and eating what looks to be a Twinkie. (The woman in the photo is not Lyon.) Based on the email’s metadata, it appears to be authentic.

Here’s the incredibly fresh and funny original email.

Todd Bosnich, of the email’s two original recipients, has accused DeMaio of sexually harassing him and then trying to bribe him into shutting up about it. One thing we can say about Carl DeMaio: at least he’s consistent.

Image via Getty/SDCity Beat

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