Grab Your Pitchforks: Victoria's Secret Is Selling Used Underpants


The very important sounding, definitely-not-bored Rossen Reports team at Today has discovered that several retailers are re-selling your GROSS UNMENTIONABLES. Noted Underwear Expert Tiffany Yanneta sounds off:

Putting used garments back on sale is “disgusting, and it’s gross, and it’s something that you wouldn’t expect to find at a major retailer,” according to Tiffany Yannetta, managing editor of style and shopping site “To sell a bathing suit bottom without the sanitary lining would be like selling milk without the seal,” Yannetta said.

Wonderful choice in analogy, Tiffany. This is actually, incredibly, the second round of a very hands-on investigation that began in 2010, which found seven retailers to be selling returned underwear as new:

Following up four years later, the Rossen Reports team returned to New Jersey outlets of the same chains (though not the exact same stores) with hidden cameras. As in 2011, they purchased women’s underwear and removed all the tags. Before returning the undergarments to the stores, the Rossen team put two little dots on each label with black marker to identify the items.

Victoria’s Secret, Marshall’s, and Wal-Mart ended up putting the “used” items back up for sale, while former offenders Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and The Gap have cleaned up their act, so to speak. Jokes aside, though, this is disgusting, and definitely something I would rather know than not know (how could you, Marshall’s???). Here are statements from their frantic PR teams:

Victoria’s Secret:

“Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction and safety. The actions you describe are a clear and significant violation of our policy. We take this situation very seriously and are taking immediate action to re-educate all of our associates on the proper way to handle returns.”

Wal Mart:

“We have a clear and consistent policy regarding these items that has been repeatedly reinforced, but clearly there was a violation of our policy and a major mistake was made. This situation is absolutely unacceptable and if our customers have any concern about undergarments or any other product purchased from Walmart, they should come see us for a refund.”


“At Marshalls, we take customer concerns very seriously and appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention. As a general rule, merchandise that appears to be used or worn will not be accepted for return. More specifically, our internal procedures for swimwear and intimate apparel state that tickets should be properly attached to the merchandise when returned. We are disappointed to learn that our procedures were not appropriately followed in this instance and are in the process of reinforcing our guidelines with our stores. Thank you for reaching out to us.”

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