Groom Wants Photographer To Recreate His $48K Wedding (Which Ended In Divorce)


There’s a lot of pressure to have everything be perfect on your wedding day, but brides (and grooms) really need to relax. After all, if something does go wrong, they can just force one of their vendors for to recreate the entire ceremony. That’s what Todd J. Remis of Manhattan hopes to accomplish by suing Curt Fried, an 87-year-old photographer who’s now retired, for $48,000. Sadly, even if Remis is successful, the second wedding might be slightly less magical. Remis’ wife left him years ago and returned to Latvia, and he doesn’t even know where she lives.

Remis believes it’s worth spending more than many people make in a year on a new wedding because Fried, who ran H & H Photographers until he passed it on to his son recently, failed to record the last 15 minutes of his 2003 wedding. According to the New York Times, he alleges that Fried missed crucial moments like the last dance and the bouquet toss. Tragically, this means his non-existant children will never know what it looks like when women lunge at a bunch of flowers and people dance to Semisonic. To make things right, Remis doesn’t just want Fried to return the $4,100 he paid him to photograph the wedding. He wants him to pay to stage a do-over wedding, including flying his 40 guests back to New York so another photographer can shoot their fake nuptials.

Judging from Kim Kardashian’s wedding, it isn’t too hard to get people to show up to your fake nuptials, but there’s still a big problem with Remis’ plan: He may not be able to locate the bride. Remis and Milena Grzibovska separated in 2008, and he believes she returned to her home country, though he doesn’t know her address. Though they haven’t been in touch in years, he assumes she wants to recreate the first day of her failed marriage.

It’s hard to believe the case has been allowed to proceed, but while the court has dismissed certain complaints like “infliction of emotional distress,” judges are still determining if the terms of the contract were violated. Fried called the case “an abuse of the legal system” and said paying the legal fees, which have already exceeded $50,000, are hurting his son’s business. While Remis’ lawyer works at the same firm as his attorney father, he claims he’s paying all of his legal fees himself — though he also says in the suit that he’s been unemployed since 2008. And ladies, if you’re interested in spending the rest of your days filing frivolous lawsuits against the elderly, it seems Remis is single, and there’s still a spot available in his creepy faux wedding.

Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks To Recreate A Wedding [NYT]

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