Groomzillas Are Now A Thing


A wedding planner interviewed by GMA says that in the last two years or so, they’ve seen a change in their customers. Traditionally they’d meet with only the bride (and sometimes her mother), but now over 75% of brides are bringing along their fiancé. Why the uptick in interest in table settings?

Quite frankly, Good Morning America didn’t really give us an answer. They suggested a number of possibilities: that certain men like control, that more men are feeling comfortable with their “feminine side.” Uh what? Oh, and then they had the gall to ask, “Do real men plan weddings?” Yes, ABC. They often do. That’s the point of your segment, last we checked.

As for an actual explanation as to why men are increasingly involved with wedding planning, let’s look to — you guessed it — the economy. Considering how many couples are now paying out of their own pockets for their pending nuptials, it only makes sense that affected parties (even if they’re, gasp, men) might want a say in the particulars.

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