Guys Named John Are Doin' It for Themselves


Good news out of the world of men! Similarly to how the Johns, Roberts, Williams and Jameses of the world DOMINATE our nation’s board rooms, men named “John” currently account for more of our country’s CEOs than all the female CEOs put together. Way to go, guys!

The New York Times reports:

Fewer large companies are run by women than by men named John, a sure indicator that the glass ceiling remains firmly in place in corporate America.
Among chief executives of S.&P. 1500 firms, for each woman, there are four men named John, Robert, William or James. We’re calling this ratio the Glass Ceiling Index, and an index value above one means that Jims, Bobs, Jacks and Bills — combined — outnumber the total number of women, including every women’s name, from Abby to Zara. Thus we score chief executive officers of large firms as having an index score of 4.0.

(Graph via The New York Times.)

Congrats to all the Johns out there. I’m sure you deserve your success more than the rest of us combined. John’s number one! John’s number one!

Image via Shutterstock.

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