Hailey Bieber Is NOT Pregnant, Thank You Very Much for Asking

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Hailey Bieber Is NOT Pregnant, Thank You Very Much for Asking
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Another day in paradise, where Friday is actually Tuesday, ad infinitum. It’s hard to say if the Famouses are simply not doing anything or if the news cycle is busy doing other things, but not a lot has been going on otherwise. Let’s take a look at this small nibble of information, concerning Hailey Bieber and whether or not she is having a baby right now.

According to E! News, who sourced this from Mrs. Bieber’s Instagram story, Us Weekly was going to run a story saying that she was with child, but she is decidedly not. Below is a screenshot from her story, so you all know that I am not making these things up.


I am not one hundred percent certain that this is true, but my suspicion is that Mrs. Justin’s “sources” are the Instagram account DeuxMoi, which publishes anonymous tips and blind items about famous people. One such blind item/tip that I saw recently, after taking a break from the cable news theatre that is MSNBC, was that Hailey is pregnant. I love that Us Weekly is using them as a source, and I also love that we are all so starved for other content that is not related to the election that we are willing to sniff around literally anywhere that is available in search of something newsworthy to report. So there you have it. No baby! Focus on the election. Thank you, Mrs. Bieber. [E! News]

Maybe you’re just as tired as I am, or maybe I am easily MOVED and this is my public admission of having emotions, but here’s John Legend singing “Georgia On My Mind” at roughly 4:32 a.m., which is around the time Joe Biden started to pull ahead in Georgia.

He still looks like a big adult baby, but that’s a nice top. Appreciate that it’s unbuttoned like that. Did I cry while watching this? No. Did I think about it? Possibly! [Twitter]

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