Happy Endings Is the Best Sitcom on TV and No One Is Watching It


Have you been watching ABC’s Happy Endings? Probably not and you know how I know that? Because no one watches it! It’s constantly on the brink of getting cancelled which is a goddam tragedy seeing as no sitcom on TV right now has more laugh-out-loud moments than this one.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick break down — Penny, Max, Alex, Dave, Jane and Brad are six hilarious friends who get into hilarious situations (on what other show will characters attempt careers as Bar Mitzvah hype men who call themselves Boys II Menorah?) and say hilarious things to one another. If the concept reminds you a little bit of another show about six friends (called Friends), you’re not too far off. They definitely play with the nineties’ sitcom’s tropes, but Happy Endings manages to push the limits a lot further and — from a contemporary perspective, anyway — is quite a bit funnier.

ABC has been pushing Happy Endings around a lot in the past year, trying to find a day when people will watch it, but here’s the thing — it’s really hard to watch or become invested in a show when it’s only on sporadically. Regardless, they’re now giving fans a chance to “Save Happy Endings.” How? By tuning in on Friday nights and watching it — a plan designed to fail seeing as Friday is usually a time that most people don’t devote to watching TV. Still, it needs to be said that the show is worth watching and is definitely worth saving. (Or at least letting it pull a Cougar Town and move to TBS.) Here are some reasons why.

5. Brad and Jane: a TV couple who actually like each other

Outside of Friday Night Lights, it’s hard to find a TV couple who seem genuinely into one another, which is why Happy Endings‘ resident married couple Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) are so damn special. The pair have heat. On a sweeter note, they’re also genuinely supportive and nice to one another. They also have a non-traditional marriage: Jane is the breadwinner and Brad was unemployed for a while but now works at a daycare. May we all be so lucky one day.

4. The characters are not always likable, but they are always lovable.

If you’re the type of person who thinks it’s mean/unfunny to ruthlessly rib your friends, then this might not be the show for you. The friends in Happy Endings are constantly undermining each other, whether it be through prank wars, verbal pile ons or drugging your friend who’s in a full body cast so that you can spend quality time with her handsome physical therapist. (“He’s been Misery-ing me!”)

3. Micro-pigs in sweaters

Did you not hear me?! MICRO-PIGS IN SWEATERS.

2. It’s crack for the pop culture junkie.

Happy Endings is ripe with pop culture references, whether they be about Watch the Throne, Keyser Soze, Eddie Money songs, Heathers or the Goonies. Sure, nostalgia is an easy way to get an audience on your side, but it’s effective all the same.

1. Max Blum: Worst Gay Husband Ever

Max, played by Adam Pally, is both a comedic treasure and socially important! He’s openly gay, proud and, at the same time, subverts all of the audience’s expectations of what it means to be a gay character on TV. Max is sloppy, unemployed, sleeps with pizza boxes in his bed, turns into a literal bear and has major play with the fellas. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the Jack McFarlands and Kurt Hummels of the world, but it’s nice to have a taste of something different all the same.

It also helps that Adam Pally has the best line delivery ever.


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