Happy Endings Isn't Coming Back, That Was Just a Really Funny Prank


Sorry if you got your hopes up about Happy Endings possibly being un-cancelled. That was just a sick April Fools’ Joke.

It started in February, when the Twitter account for the Happy Endings writers posted a mysterious countdown to something, causing fans to speculate that the cult series might make a comeback.

Apparently, that was all a long-con April Fools’ Day joke and you’re not getting what you want. The Happy Endings account tweeted this today:

Real funny ;/

According to the show’s creator David Capse, the tweets were the work of a writer who thought it’d be funny to give everyone the gift of false hope. Capse told EW:

Happy Endings remains cancelled for now. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to do an hourlong or a couple stand-alone episodes, and I’ve talked to the cast about even just doing a five-minute cold open. I want to apologize to anyone who is annoyed. It was just a writers’ room bit that kind of got away from them. When it started, we all sort of laughed because we figured no one cares anymore, and then it triggered all these articles, which is really flattering. I was pumped to see that people still cared, but then I realized that this could piss off a lot of fans, and our hardcore fans and critics are all we’ve ever had.”

Ok. Still, I wouldn’t put it past Happy Endings to pull an April Fools’ Day, April Fools’ Day prank. Maybe the show is coming back and this tweet is the real joke?

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