Happy Friday, Here Are Some Great Pics of Tessa Thompson Chilling

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Image: Ulices Ramales (Backgrid)

Tessa Thompson, as I noted previously, seems to be having the best summer of her life. So am I, in a way, looking at pictures of Thompson literally just chilling at Frenchette French in New York City.

Paparazzi snapped pics of international makeout superstar Thompson with a friend at the trendy NYC bistro. She drank a martini, in a trendy pair of sunglasses, a loosely buttoned dress, and an effortless amount of jewelry. Her vibe, as it were, was the very definition of chic and cool and interesting. I mean, just look at her, grinning for no particular reason—except for all the cameras around. Don’t you want to be her? I do.

Friday is here also, and Thompson’s entire aura seems a perfect rubric for how I’d like to spend the weekend: outdoors, with a bottle of too-expensive sparkling water, perched up in a booth at WeHo Bistro, my new weekend hang both for star-watching and the very good waffles.

Friday!!! I can’t believe it’s Friday. What a long fucking week this was.

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