Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Had Spies at Sundance

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Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Had Spies at Sundance
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Here’s a shocking news item: Harvey Weinstein was told no and allegedly ignored that no for his own benefit.

Page Six reports that Weinstein’s team was denied an advanced copy of a documentary about his alleged sexual assaults premiering at Sundance, but when asked if they were worried about the documentaries a “source close to Weinstein said,” “He got someone in there at Sundance . . . There’s nothing in it.”

The documentary features interviews with Rosanna Arquette, Hope d’Amore, Paz de la Huerta and Erika Rosenbaum, all people who have accused Weinstein of assault or rape. Initially, his “source” was worried the documentary would be damning:

“‘We’re supposed to be deemed innocent until proven otherwise in this country — as far as I am still aware,” said the source. Seeing the movie could “be crucial for preparing a response that could have an impact. We are asking for consideration for a person’s life.’”

It’s interesting that the source says there “nothing in it” after supposedly seeing the documentary, which suggests there’s something out there Weinstein is still scared of. [Page Six]

In other horrible men news, Paul Haggis, writer/director of Crash, arguably the worst movie to ever win an Oscar, is trying to block women from testifying in his sexual assault case by claiming scheduling conflicts, though lawyers say he’s just taking a break from the accusations to do some charity work:

“‘We have never tried to dodge anything. They have known full well that Paul Haggis is not available in July, as he will be abroad raising money for a charity in Haiti,’” [Haggis’s lawayer] Chaudhry added.” [Page Six]

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