Have Some Sexy Sailor Moon Lingerie, You Anime-Loving Minx

Good news, ladies: Sailor Moon lingerie is now available in a wide variety of colors, and you can even acquire a little skirt to (barely) cover your panties. Also available: lounge dresses. For those times you get stoned with your fella while watching Adult Swim and figure what the hey, let’s get sexy.

According to The Mary Sue, Bandai just announced the new offerings, currently available for preorder. Back in December they rolled out a smaller-scale collaboration with Japanese brand Peach John, which promptly sold out. Now they’re back with more characters’ colors and skirts to complete your look. Might as well go all-out with the costume-y elements—it’s not like you’re going to be wearing a bra with a sailor-suit collar for anything other than role play, because it’s certainly not going to fit underneath your t-shirt.

Beats the Disney Princess lingerie sets:

Plus, they also rolled out some dresses for hanging around the house, many of which look like nightgowns you’d’ve gotten for your fifth birthday but don’t let me stop you:

Of course, Americans will probably have to ask a friend from Japan to purchase and ship you the goods. I’ll leave you lot to sort out your lingerie-smuggling ring in the comments.

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