Heard it Through the Grapevine on Real Housewives of New Jersey


While Danielle was singing Kim “G”s praises across North Jersey, Kim “G” was spilling all of Danielle’s secrets and fraternizing with the enemy. After the jump, watch Danielle confront Kim “G,” and then watch Kim “G” lose her mind.

Apparently Danielle had been searching for her biological mother, something that she only told Kim “G.” Danielle’s oldest daughter, Christine, found this out from her friend, because her friend’s eyebrow waxer told her-wrong on so many levels. The story is that Kim “G” told Teresa, Teresa told the eyebrow waxer, the waxer then told Christine’s friend, who in turn told Christine. Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Kim “G” is pretty creative with the insults though.

Kim “G”s freak-out was to be expected at some point in the season, but where can things go from here? Next week’s previews show that the episode will talk about Joe’s alleged DUI, and that everyone will tell Kim, “I told you so.” This season has definitely been interesting, and is probably doing great things to fuel the country’s new-found obsession with New Jersey.

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