Heartless Monsters Cut Down Mike Brown Memorial Tree in Ferguson 


Just one day after a memorial tree was planted in Michael Brown’s honor, some callous asshole cut the tree in half and stole the memorial stone that accompanied it. The 18 year-old was already unjustly killed and his family denied the right to seek justice so why not pour salt into that wound just because?

Members of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association planted the tree on Saturday in January Wabash Memorial Park and the next day they found it slashed in half.

Mashable reports that the local police have no clue who destroyed the memorial.

However you may feel about the shooting of Michael Brown and the protests and violence that followed, can we all at least have the compassion has fellow human beings to understand that a young man lost his life on that day—that two parents lost their child? Whether he “deserved” to die or not (although he absolutely did not) can’t his family and community at last remember him and mourn him with a goddamn memorial tree without it being desecrated?

It’s not like they were erecting twelve-foot headstone memorializing Hitler for Christ’s sake. This was a tree planted to remember an 18 year-old who was gunned down in the middle of the street. Whatever kind of hateful, sad sack of shit you have to be to do something like this I hope I’ll never know.

Image via @mocostello60

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