Helen Mirren Whupping Megan Fox For "Sexiest Woman Alive"


Notable news from Esquire‘s March Madness bracketing of its Sexiest Woman Alive title: Helen Mirren is totally beating noted sexyface-maker Megan Fox.

Tina Fey recently noted Fox’s insurmountable SexyFactor, but perhaps Tina, for all her wisdom, was wrong. Dame Mirren, 64, is currently enjoying a 59-41 advantage over Fox, 23.
Over the weekend, apparently, that margin was even wider. Grassroots support among Esquire‘s base or evidence of Jezebel commenters’ ballot-stuffing? Who knows. But it is awesome.

Esquire caught up with Mirren for a quick Q&A, in which she said, “I was surprised and flattered to be included at all. Personally I think Ms. Fox is one of the smartest, coolest, and sexiest creatures in the Western Hemisphere. I am gobsmacked.” She added, “Sometimes the veterans have a way of surprising you – think Brett Favre.”

And there was this:

ESQ: Do you think it’s your free-throw percentage that’s gotten you this far?
HM: It is more the fouls that I have gotten away with.

Hot and funny! As if we needed more reasons to root for her for the cover.

Helen Mirren: ‘I Am Gobsmacked’ by Megan Fox Upset [Esquire]

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