Hell Yeah, Shrill Is Getting a Second Season

Hell Yeah, Shrill Is Getting a Second Season

Shrill, the delightful and poignant Hulu series from former Jezebel staffer Lindy West, is getting a second season.

Deadline reports that Hulu has ordered eight episodes, which amount to a full two more than allotted for the first season. It’s set to premiere in 2020.

The first season recounted territory familiar to anyone who read West’s book of the same name, which goes back to her days as a writer at the Seattle alt-weekly, The Stranger. The show, starring Aidy Bryant as Annie, covers a lot of ground in a limited timeframe [SPOILERS!]: Annie spins her months-long fuck buddy into a (for now) doting boyfriend; she goes from being an assistant calendar editor to a writer of viral essays; she acquires and confronts a hateful troll and throws a potted plant through the window of his Escalade. But most importantly, she discovers that not only does she have the right to exist in her body, she but to own it, and does so in a way that’s neither overly simplistic or treacly.

The revelations unleashed in Shrill’s first season obviously unfolded over many years of West’s life, so it will be nice to see what she does with more time and episodes to play with. For starters, she definitely has some frayed relationships that need mending, and I’m not convinced her friendship with her co-worker, Amadi, is going to stay platonic much longer. The Deadline story doesn’t specifically mention Sam Irby, who wrote the show’s beloved pool party episode, but finger’s crossed that she’ll have an even more prominent role in the second season. Maybe even a Meaty/Shrill crossover situation? LET ME DREAM.

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