Here Is Proof That Becky G & Austin Mahone Are in Love: Selfies


In case you missed the super-crucial young pop star news, Becky G and Austin Mahone are CONFIRMED to be dating, which is so cute I would near-puke if I didn’t feel so protective of my little sister (in my mind). Austin! Where are those wandering hands going! BRING HER HOME BY CURFEW!

Furthermore, Becky G just dropped her new video, “Lovin’ So Hard,” which consists entirely of selfie-vids of her boo’ing the hell up with Mahone. It’s almost… as if… they timed the release of this video… to the gossip cycle… on purpose…

It’s super cute, but as a cynical old, I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to feel about this video after they break up—presumably they do not get married and stay together forever, which is the obvious conclusion for two pop stars in Hollywood! JUST POSITING A THEORY HERE. This is a song that I will probably blast at night circa mid-June and think is the best thing I have ever heard, but will be extremely mad at when it comes on my clock radio alarm at 7:30 AM. Here’s to love everlasting!

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