Here's a Guy Preaching About Unicorns for an Hour


Here is a dude who looks eerily like Matthew Fox preaching a very serious sermon about unicorns. It goes on for almost an hour and rambles through several topics including why you shouldn’t marry an “unbeliever” and whether homeschooling is legal in Switzerland.

This comes from the YouTube channel of Faithful Word Baptist church, an “Independent, fundamental, soul-winning, King James Bible-only, Baptist Church in Phoenix Tempe, AZ pastored by Steven L Anderson.” The dude’s point seems to be that we cannot discount the Bible’s literal truth simply because it mentions mythical beasts: “There are a lot of animals in this world that have only one horn,” he notes, adding that, “It’s not just some mythological thing and so to say, ‘Well the Bible’s a fairy tale because it mentions unicorns is ridiculous.” By the end, he’s reached the conclusion that, “we live in a sinful world, an ungodly, wicked and perverse generation.”

But my main takeaway was that this pastor has done a remarkable amount of Biblical close-reading about unicorns.

When not preaching about unicorns, Steven Anderson talks about how much he despises gays and also Barack Obama. His church has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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