Here's That Kanye West-Saved By The Bell Mashup You Were Waiting For


This isn’t like the “newest” thing on the Internet right now, but it just happens to be the thing that is cracking my shit up in particular today. Presented for your mid-afternoon delectation is the often obscene and always hilarious Kanye’d By The Bell, a “Nietzche Family Circus”-esque exploration of the thrills of juxtaposition. It’s Kanye lyrics. On top of screenshots of Saved By The Bell. To hilarious effect.

All of your favorite Bayside High characters come under consideration: Zach. Lisa. Slater. Screech. Kelly. Jessie. And, duh, Mr. Belding. Here are some of my favorites.

I’m very impressed by this blogger’s mastery of both Kanye West lyrics and the Saved By The Bell canon.

[Kanye’d By The Bell ]

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