Here's the Revealing New Scandal Trailer and a Few Predictions


In just two weeks, Olivia Pope and her zany crew of justice-keeping assassins returns with the new season of Scandal on September 24. Till then, here’s a not at all ambiguous 30-second trailer. Plus, some predictions.

Seriously, could this be any more revealing? They might as well just give away the whole plot. Here’s what I think—nay, know—will happen based on the trailer, which starts off with Olivia and Fitz making sweet love to the tune of “At Last.”

Voiceover: “America, you’ve waited long enough.”

Indeed, we’ve waited long enough for Olivia and Fitz to finally get back together after not being “together” for, like, one season?

Sally: “Mr. President, what are you hiding?”

The President is hiding something and it’s not good. Is it a secret? A scandal perhaps? Or just a quarter behind his ear? Only time will tell.

You see a mass murderer crying and can’t help but feel for him. This is the moment Huck realizes he has to change his ways and decides to become a manny. It’s true.

Mellie has a super intense migraine and needs everybody to just chill out.

Cyrus Beene is running for President…of the Capital Yacht Club! So many twists, it’s crazy.

Here, it appears as if President Fitz is telling Mellie, “I’m divorcing you.” This is typical Shonda trickery. He’s really saying, “I’m divorcing Yew,” because for the past two seasons, Fitz has been secretly married to a White House secretary named Yew James. He’s finally divorcing her and marrying Mellie, his one true love. He’s leaving Yew. He’s choosing Mellie. AT LAST.

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