Here's the Trailer for Tig Notaro's No-Bullshit Netflix Documentary


In 2012, comedian Tig Notaro was swept up in tragedy: she fell ill, her mother died, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the trailer for her forthcoming documentary, Notaro doubles down on the transformation that made her famous: taking that cruel year and channeling it into vibrant, caustic comedy.

Produced by Netflix, Tig chronicles Notaro’s efforts to rebuild a life set askew by death and deadly illness. It premiers on July 17, giving you roughly two weeks to emotionally prepare yourself. The trailer alone promises a bittersweet exploration of a boss-ass woman who has seen more than her fair share of pain but will not be thwarted by it.

“Losing everything in life so quickly made me uncertain if I’d live to even do stand-up again,” explains Notaro. “And because I love comedy so much, I wanted to do it possibly one last time.”

Fire up your Netflix queue and pour one out for Tig.

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