Here's Video of the Gender Reveal Party That Started a Massive Wildfire in Arizona


On Monday, the U.S. Forest Service released a video showing how a border agent’s gender reveal party caused Southern Arizona’s destructive April 2017 Sawmill Fire.

The footage, first acquired by The Arizona Daily Star, was filmed by an attendee of the party and shows a target labeled “girl” and “boy” placed atop what appears to be dry, extremely flammable turf. (Anyone who has ever been to Arizona knows the ground is essentially comprised of kindling.) A gunshot goes off, the weapon out of frame, and when the ballistic collides with the black box, it immediately explodes. There’s a hint of blue smoke to signify a boy, but it’s quickly overpowered by fire and dust and earth and shrapnel and various other scary shit flying through the air. It’s astonishing how quickly the flames spread.

The Sawmill Fire destroyed over 45,000 acres of land in southern Arizona last year, causing over $8 million in damages, forcing at least 100 people to evacuate their homes and requiring the response work of nearly 600 firefighters and volunteers.

AZ Central reports that the father responsible for the gender reveal party, U.S. border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey of Tucson, Arizona, pled guilty to causing the fire in September and has been sentenced to five years probation and a “restitution totaling more than $8.1 million.” He has plans on making monthly payments.

Watch the video, and make sure to send it to your dumbass brother-in-law to dissuade him from blowing shit up to signify the biology of his future spawn. Gender is an imitation, but wildfires are definitely real.

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