Here's Whoopi Goldberg's Tutorial on How to Roll a Joint


During a segment called “Teach Me Your Talent” on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Whoopi Goldberg to show him how to roll a joint and she obliged.

It didn’t seem like she did a very good job, though. She broke it! And didn’t do much to smooth it out, or explain how to create a DIY filter (using a ripped off piece of the cardboard from the rolling papers pack). But she’s super rich and most likely uses the best vaporizers on the market, so it’s probably been years since she’s rolled her own.

Earlier in the episode, a viewer called in and asked if she ever smokes before a taping of The View. She swears it’s “never happened,” saying it’s “a good gig to have” and wouldn’t want to jeopardize her job. Please. We watch that show. We know a high person when we see one.

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