Herman Cain Willing to Die for Donald Trump's Big Boy Rally

Herman Cain Willing to Die for Donald Trump's Big Boy Rally
Image:Nicholas Kamm (Getty Images)

Just a few short weeks ago, the entire city of Tulsa, Oklahoma banded together to tell the president that the middle of a pandemic is not the best time for a visit, to which the Trump administration unilaterally replied: “It’ll probably be fine.”

It was not fine. According to a report by the Washington Post, in the hours just before the rally, news broke that six workers had tested positive for covid-19. Instead of canceling the rally, where the unmasked gathered to cheer Trump and spread disease, the Trump campaign simply provided more tests for “local leaders and top Trump supporters” while staff removed thousands of seat markers meant to encourage social distancing.

But one top supporter who perhaps was not offered any of those VIP tests was Herman Cain, who attended the rally as co-chair of a group called Black Voices for Trump and was photographed among a mostly bare-faced crowd sitting within droplet misting distance. Cain has since announced that he is receiving treatment for coronavirus but cannot hazard a guess as to where that covid-19 might have come from because he’s been traveling a lot lately in places where cases are spiking. If you read the previous sentence carefully, you just might just spot a problem.

Anyway, weeks after potentially killing a lot of people, President Trump wonders if maybe masks might help with this whole pandemic situation. [Washington Post, CNN, Politico]

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