Hey, New York: A Pregnant Great White Shark Is Coming to Eat You


Happy Monday: A possibly pregnant great white shark is heading to New York City right now! Her name is Mary Lee, and today she may make a stopover in the Big Apple on her way to Cape Cod where she’s going to eat “plenty of seals” and also probably drop a kid in the water.

Scientists who tagged Mary Lee in 2012 say that the last time the giant maneater was seen near New York’s murky waters was in 2013. Since then, Mary Lee has avoided the place—so crowded, and the L doesn’t even fucking go to Manhattan on weekends this month—but “she goes where she wants to,” according to The New York Post.

Hide your kids, hide your wife. You can see a video of Mary Lee being tagged above, and also follow her adventures in eating you on her Twitter.

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