High Society: Homeless "Trust Fund Partier"


On last night’s episode, Jules Kirby‘s disrespect and frequent tantrums at the hotel where she’s living became too much for the staff. She was asked to leave, leading her to take out her frustration on the show’s production crew.

Earlier in the episode, Jules demonstrated her bad behavior by calling housecleaning and angrily demanding that they clean up a vomit stain on the carpet. Later, she admonished one of the housekeepers for not properly cleaning the dirt off the coffee table—while resting her feet on it.

For someone who claims the show is scripted, she seemed awfully angry about the fact that the cameras wanted to film her eviction from the hotel. She insisted that the cameras be turned off, and when they weren’t, she asked the person behind it if they were “fucking retarded.” (I’m pretty sure that’s what she said. It was censored out, and her mouth was blurred. She might actually benefit from that kind of editing in real life.)

Meanwhile, Devorah Rose—the editor-in-chief of that magazine we’ve never seen for sale anywhere—was “on a mission” to go to as many charity events as possible in order to speak to the press and let them know that she was feuding with Tinsley Mortimer. I’m starting to like Devorah a little bit. I think it has something to do with watching her bitch about stupid shit to the delight of the gay men around her. After seeing her through gay goggles (gaygles?), I think I kind of get her, and have a lot more appreciation for her campiness. Also, in an interview with Black Book, she took Jules Kirby to task for her apparent bigotry, and it’s hard to not have at least some respect for Devorah after that:

What Jules is claiming does not even make sense because if the show were scripted then Jules must have agreed to be a part of a reality television show where she willingly decided to portray herself as a homophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist. So either the offensive sentiments she expressed are authentic or she is the kind of person that thinks it is OK to express those sentiments…I actually think her presence on the show is wonderful because it creates an opportunity for viewers to witness and reflect on her repugnant views. Hopefully, seeing such a terrible person will increase the commitment to promoting tolerance and understanding in our society. In fact, I’m shocked that Jersey Shore created more controversy for comedic stereotyping of ethnic groups than Jules’ outright Jim Crowism has. Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when you need them?

Devorah Rose on Jules Kirby’s ‘High Society’ Racism [Black Book]

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