Hit Drake on Da Berry

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Hit Drake on Da Berry

Who among us doesn’t occasionally enjoy a nice trip through our old Twitter DMs? The chance to reminisce about all the dumb shit we’ve said to strangers on the internet, and the even dumber shit those strangers have said to us?

Personally, my old DMs are filled with people screaming at me for various things I’ve written, pointing out mistakes I’ve made, or asking me to write about their product. (“RelaxMyCat is a YouTube channel where we make music to relax cats.”) Drake’s, on the other hand, are filled with Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Durant and notably, Trey Songz, who in the most 2009 message ever sent, instructs him to “hit me on da berry.”

Good thing Twitter has helped Drake remember that “time is in full flight,” his many blessings, and whatever else. This is my first DM:


Yara Shahidi helped her brother, Sayeed, figure out how to ask Storm Reid to prom. The result was a very cute sign that read, “Storms are rare in LA. I’m lucky I found one. Prom?”

In an Instagram post, Shahidi said the “promposal” was the result of “FaceTime consultations, conversations with his homies and knowing what would make her smile.” I assume she said yes.

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