How to Have a Twitter Meltdown on Gay Marriage


You may have heard that yesterday the Indiana State Senate decided not to consider a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In this day and age, you might think of this as a victory, but not Indiana State Senator Mike Delph. He just had an epic, but predictable Twitter meltdown over the decision. After the jump are some of his best tweets and how they fit into a typical pattern of desperate complaining that people do when they are on the wrong side of history.

Invoking the Bible

Using biblical syntax isn’t enough to make the connection between biblical truth and no marriage equality, but maybe that’s just me.

So where is the commandment about gay marriage? It’s been a long time since I’ve read the Ten Commandments outside a public courthouse.

Deflecting Logic

Irreconcilable, you say? Carry on, then.

Indiana State Senator Mike Delph is obviously the master of derailing arguments with an out-of-left-field retort.

Standing Up for Oppressed Conservative Christians

I guess spouting bigotry without any disagreement is just for conservatives, huh?

I guess Indiana State Senator Mike Delph didn’t hear about DD’s dwindling ratings after Phil Robertson’s racism/homophobia scandal.

Self-Aggrandizing RTs

Still standing up for those marginalized Christians like a good public servant.

This sequence can’t have been coincidence, right?

Last But Not Least, Mentioning “My Brother Steve”

I have a gay family member, and he thinks I’m pretty swell, so nothing I ever say is reprehensible!

Give him hell tonight, Steve.

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