How To Play Bad Date Bingo


Ever had a bad date? Recover from the psychological wounds of SHINY BLACK SHOES, GOT TOO DRUNK, or CHAPPED LIPS with this handy-dandy bingo card!

Click to enlarge. The whole thing is obviously hilarious, but for some reason, Mark Zuckerberg’s face is cracking me up the most.

If I could contribute any addendum, it would probably be INAPPROPRIATE GIFT-GIVING (hello, freshman year fling who sprang an intimidatingly expensive present on me after we’d been dating 30 days, which event he insisted on referring to as our “mensiversary”). Or, I suppose, USED THE WORD “MENSIVERSARY.” Oh, how about SAID “I WANT TO PUT A BABY INSIDE YOU”? Fun times. That or VIBRAM FIVE-FINGERS. Shudder.

I Now Present You With The Official Shmitten Kitten Bad Date Bingo Card [Shmitten Kitten]

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