How To Sell Shit To Single Moms


A new study by a media group has divided single moms into four helpful categories, for four times the branding fun!

The good news here is that advertisers now give a shit about single moms. According to the study by Women at NBCU, 92% of single moms feel they have more social acceptance than ever, and 55% say they’re “very traditional” moms. Says Melissa Lavigne-Delville, who has the dystopian title of VP of trends and strategic insights, integrated media at NBCUniversal,

In a time when there are probably more kinds of unconventional families than ever, there is a huge upsurge in the idea of traditional. Traditional is becoming the aspiration for all moms. They’re defining tradition less about the statistics like whether they’re married couples or have biological children, and more about the cornerstones and values of what matters in their families like sitting down to eat together.

Values, cornerstones — you can sell those, right? Totally, but first you have to know who you’re selling to. NCBU breaks it down:

Girl Interrupted

Catchily named after a woman’s memoir of her time in a mental institution, this group of moms are young, white, and low-income, and “their outlook on life tends to be one of personal sacrifice for their children, and a life interrupted by the birth of a child.” They “may not be the happiest group of women for marketers,” but never fear — they are all over Facebook. Says Lavigne-Delville, “Reach them digitally, and don’t just write them off. Because they’ve got lots of friends.” And who needs affordable childcare when you have people to play Words With Friends with you?

Dream Girl

These ladies tend to be Hispanic, tech-savvy, and well-supported by family. Unlike those sad-sack Girl Interrupteds, they’re “extra psyched” to be moms! Their glass is half-full … of merchandising opportunities. Hit them with “inspirational and aspirational messaging” — basically, show them that even though they might be happy now, they’ll be even happier with a scented candle.

Survivor Mom

These moms are older, have financial difficulties, and may be divorced or widowed. They also have the highest brand loyalty of any group. All you have to do is show that your toilet paper is more reliable than her ex, her job’s dependent-care plan, and a country with a near-nonexistent social safety net, and you’re in!

Secondlife Mom

This group has purple skin and lives on the internet. No, just kidding! They are “experiencing life again and looking for new brands.” They “are a bit of a ‘mommybopper,’ living out those teen years a bit, with online dating, new clothing and going out with friends as common activities.” Basically, this is Dina Lohan.

We have just one question: what about the Cyborg-Mother XJ6000?

Definition Of ‘Single Mom’ No Longer Singular, Or Stigmatized [AdAge]

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