How To Tell Him He's Jerking Off While He Sleeps


When it comes to weird dude habits, you may think you’ve heard it all. But one woman just started dating a guy who masturbates while he sleeps. Obviously, she’s looking for advice. Columnist Madame X says:

This isn’t necessarily a problem; after all, who doesn’t have erotic dreams now and then and a little masturbation is good for us.
However, this is often a chronic problem and if he is disturbing your sleeping or he is harassing you in some way…then you should definitely point it out to him.

Madame X suggests directing the man’s attention to websites like or a page on sexsomnia over at Kinsey Confidential. But seriously: Let’s assume he has no knowledge of his nocturnal activities (no one else noticed? A buddy or ex-girlfriend?) How do you initiate this conversation? Do you bring it up over dinner? Talk about it in bed? Send an e-card?

Sex With Madame X: Masturbating While Sleeping Or Sexsomnia [Morning Quickie]

[Image via *amisha*’s Flickr.]

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