Humans Impersonate Dogs Barking, Dogs Lose All Of Their Shit


The gentlemen who brought you the video of dogs being shown magic tricks (dogs have no time for them tricks, yo) have come up with a brilliant and new way to freak dogs out in a humane way: By barking at them. You’d think dogs wouldn’t care, but these dogs freak the fuck out and it’s hilarious.

I do have to point out that in order for such a ruse to work, the bark has to be fairly convincing. I could bark at dogs all day long and they would just wag their tails and pee on me. (This is an actual thing, by the way. Dogs love peeing on me. Can someone explain?)My velociraptor impression is much more accurate, although dinosaur experts agree that I sound a little more like a constipated pterodactyl of a small to medium size. These guys, though, they are on point.

I wonder how cats or other animals would react to such a trick. Dogs are fairly trusting, but I can imagine a cat just looking at the magicians tiredly, stamping out their cigarettes with their paws, and then just wandering away, looking for a secret spot to vomit in as retaliation.

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