I Love Jonathan Majors and His Little Cup

The Creed III actor must be tired. From what? Running through my mind all night AND carrying that little cup.

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Photo: (Getty Images)

If you’ve been lucky enough to gaze longingly at photos of Jonathan Majors recently—which many of us have been doing, thanks to his current Creed III press tour—you’ve perhaps noticed something in his hand. No, it’s not your entire heart, though metaphorically yes it is. It’s a ceramic cup! “It just became a thing for me to always have my own vessel,” Majors explained in a video for GQ, “to kind of move through the world with.”

He certainly does move through the world with it as well as through my dreams. In an excellent profile on The Cut this week, writer Tahirah Hairston describes Majors sneaking “his decaf Americano, which he poured into a tiny ceramic cup he brought with him,” into the Whitney museum. Majors even explains that the coats he buys must have pockets large enough to fit his eco-friendly accessory. (Noted for when I send him a holiday gift next year.)

What a delightful thing for a superhero franchise star to be known for, especially when others *ahem Schmezra Schmiller ahem* are gaining a reputation for allegedly starting Icelandic cults and burglarizing homes in Vermont.

So if this mid-winter week has felt unbearably long and dreary, if you could be comforted by a dozen or so photos of a handsome man tenderly holding an artisan cup, then please, let this slideshow be a balm for the weary. (Jezebel has reached out to Jonathan Major’s team to ask if there are any particular brands or ceramicists the actor supports or if he, himself, has taken any pottery classes. At the time of publication, we have not heard back.)

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