I Would Like to Meet the Ghost Haunting Jennifer Coolidge's Bathroom

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I Would Like to Meet the Ghost Haunting Jennifer Coolidge's Bathroom
Jennifer Coolidge Image: (Getty)

“This is my impression of that actress from Legally Blonde,” a random TikToker essentially shouted at me a few days ago through my phone screen before diving into an impression that did Paulette Bonafonté absolutely no justice whatsoever. I am slightly ashamed, but not too proud to admit, that I have spent some time scrolling through TikTok in recent weeks, however, this was the thing that finally forced me to close the app and turn off my phone. Lackluster impression aside, the true crime here was referring to Jennifer Coolidge as “that actress from Legally Blonde.” Let’s get one thing straight, Jennifer Coolidge is a gift to us all, and I don’t care what generation you happen to be a part of, you will put some respect on her name!

I could spend some time here writing out a retrospective of Coolidge’s many iconic film and television roles but instead, I will move forward with the blind faith that you are a citizen of the world with decent enough taste to have at least seen Legally Blonde, with the hope that you’ve experienced Best in Show, and simply share this very essential news with you: Jennifer Coolidge’s bathroom is haunted. That’s right, there’s a ghost living in one of Jennifer Coolidge’s toilets, and I hope one day we get to hear their story.

Ben Feldman and Nico Santos broke the supernatural news on an episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, and it might just be the most significant entertainment news to come out of 2020 thus far. “You can’t use the downstairs bathroom,” Feldman says, “because the ghost of a little girl is in there and so you have to go upstairs the bathroom next to the room for her kimonos.”

Feldman and Santos learned this information while attending one of Coolidge’s Halloween parties, where apparently guests were directed upstairs when they had to relieve themselves. Honestly, I would give up my entire stimulus check and then some to attempt to use the bathroom only to have a costumed Jennifer Coolidge gently take me by the arm and say, “Oh god honey, no, you can’t go in there. That bathroom is haunted by a little girl. You’ve gotta use the upstairs commode,” before shuffling me away. I’m sure she wasn’t spending the entirety of her Halloween party monitoring the bathroom situation, but this is my fantasy, and also, you never know!

Personally, I now feel I need to hear from both Coolidge and the ghost regarding exactly what the nature of their cohabitation is. Is this a friendly ghost? Does the ghost really always just stay in the one bathroom? How did the ghost reveal herself and also what does she have to share with us about Jennifer Coolidge at home? We may never get the answer to these very important questions and so I will just leave you with a selection of photographs from Coolidge’s Halloween party. If you spot the ghost please do let me know. [Vulture]

Allison Janney forgot that she was in 10 Things I Hate About You and honestly, if I had been in as many things as Allison Janney, I probably would have forgotten too.

Janney, who’s played just about every deadpan, sarcastic, one-liner slinging mother, best friend, and advisor in Hollywood, apparently forgot about this particular role until recently when a fan tagged her in a post about the film on Instagram.

“I don’t understand! What is this????? What am I in that I forget I was in?” she commented after being tagged.

To be fair, 10 Things I Hate About You did come out in 1999, and most days it’s a miracle if I can remember what day it is in real-time. I don’t hold it against her, but perhaps it does mean that she’s due for a rewatch. She might not be in it for very long but, as always, she makes the moments she does appear count! [Page Six]

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