If You're Not Examining Your Poop, You're Not Living


What goes in, must come out — and when it does come out, it’s basically a murky crystal ball into your gastrointestinal health. Poo is the funky combo of water, fiber, bacteria, cells, and mucus that fills your toilet bowl — and that’s all good. However, when weird colors, textures, and consistencies get up in the mix, you might want to consult a doctor. Or this new app.

The Digestive Diseases Foundation (MLDS) in the Netherlands is concerned we’re all not taking enough time to properly inspect our BMs. Hence, the new Love Poep app, designed by ad agency They. “One of the best ways to spot early signs of colorectal cancer, and many other ailments, is to inspect your poop,” says Patrick van der Gronde, the agency’s cofounder. “The problem is, people don’t want to deal with their waste. Modern bathrooms have been designed so that visitors see and smell as little as possible. But it is important to take a look behind you sometimes. After all, what comes out of you says a lot about what’s going inside you.”

The Love Poep app teaches users about the six poop types — from “brown and soft” (healthy poo), to “dry, hard pellets” (which could be a sign of Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Are there really only six types of poops? Because my niece cycles through at least 10 a week. Also, what about when you eat corn*?

I took a macrobiotic cooking class where the instructor decided to spend the majority of time not teaching us how to cook, but instead lecturing us on our decaying bodies. It was in this class that I learned that an ideal poop looks like a curvy log and is the color of golden wheat. Bon appetit!

Fittingly, the above posters for the free app are plastered in bathroom stalls across Holland.

*SFW, and features Carol Channing!

[Fast Company]

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