Illegal Butt Injections Are More Popular Than Ever


Why. Why? Why would anyone think it was cool to get butt injections—which are illegal and typically happen in motel rooms, as many illegal things do—after seeing the pictures of that transexual lady who was arrested last year for performing the procedure on women and fucking up not just their butts but their entire bodies with infections and all kinds of shit. Even if you are stupid enough to not care if needles are clean or if it’s dangerous to let some random person stick one into your body, filling it with who-knows-what, wouldn’t you at least be vain enough to care that the results look scary and horrible?

Apparently, not everyone is deterred by veritable PSAs of illegal cosmetic procedure horror stories. More and more African-American women are seeking the black-market enhancements, according to the Daily Beast, risking infection, gross deformities, and even death.

Image via Anna Kucherova/Shutterstock

Illegal Butt Injections Are on the Rise and Women Are at Risk [Daily Beast]

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